April 29, 2015

6 reasons brand marketers need to leverage information from a brand implementation

Brand marketers don’t have many opportunities to check and catalog all brand touchpoints, like building signs, vehicle graphics, retails signs, uniforms, and co-branding in sales channels. Even though these customer touchpoints feature the company’s brand, they are usually managed by someone outside the marketing department (e.g., fleet vehicle management). Consequently, brand marketers rarely understand and have the power to unleash the full potential of these messaging opportunities.

Here are 6 reasons brand marketers need to collect and use information on all brand touchpoints:

  1. Information is Power: A comprehensive brand management system allows brand marketers to track branded assets, develop budgets and rollout changes quickly.
  2. Consistency: Ensure brand messages are integrated across the organization.
  3. Brand Equity: “Score” brand touchpoints for exposure and proximity to target demographics.
  4. Target Marketing: Quickly seize marketing opportunities in key demographics.
  5. Competitive Tactics: Increase brand awareness in lagging markets.
  6. Avoid Brand Confusion: Identify obsolete or expiring brands, then remove or replace them to avoid confusion in the marketplace.

Brand marketers should look at brand touchpoint information the same way they look at other forms of “big data.” While there are differing viewpoints on the term “big data,” let’s go with Marrion-Webster’s definition for simplicity sake: “An accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional management tools.”

While a “brand center” may be a good starting place, if a comprehensive brand management system isn’t already in place, a brand change is the perfect opportunity for brand marketers to create one. Whether the brand change is needed for a merger, acquisition, or rebranding, a systematic analysis of all brand touchpoints is required to complete the brand implementation process. Regardless of the person or department “owning” the brand touchpoint, as data is gathered, brand marketers can roll information about all of the company’s branding tools into a searchable, all-inclusive brand management system.

Brand touchpoint information will accumulate over the course of the brand implementation project and can seem overwhelming. After you combine marketing materials, digital marketing assets (website, etc.), promotional items, signs, vehicles, business forms, corporate apparel, and so on, there could be hundreds of thousands of brand touchpoints that brand marketers can use for future marketing purposes.

That’s why Implementix developed ix Technology Solutions, proprietary software and mobile apps that gather information and manage large-scale brand touchpoint databases. It gives brand marketers the ability to reach more customers and unlock the full power of the brand.

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