We Streamline Your Brand Identity Rollout:

Think about all of the places customers see your company’s name and logo as they go about their day. The signs outside your building. The signs inside office complexes and malls. Branded service vans and uniforms. The list goes on and on.

Companies often go through branding or rebranding projects for the following reasons:

  • A merger or acquisition
  • A new company name, identity and/or tagline
  • A product or promotion launch
  • Brand extension
  • Business and brand diversification

When a company goes through a branding or rebranding process, there’s a creative team that develops the new brand identity. That’s not us. We excel at managing the minutiae to make sure the new brand identity replaces the old brand identity on all of your branded assets, such as vehicles and signs.

Brand Implementation

We’ve executed numerous brand implementation projects and understand the concerns of your company’s various stakeholders. We help you answer key questions, such as:

  • Cost: How much will this cost?
  • Timeframe: How long will it take? What is our completion date?
  • Staffing: How will internal resources balance their role on the brand implementation team with their core responsibilities? What parts of the process should we outsource to specialists?
  • Scheduling: How and when will we schedule brand implementation activities? Who will be responsible?
  • Inconvenience: Will we have downtime while changing the brand on our touchpoints? Will it impact both employees and customers?
  • Comprehensiveness: We have so many touchpoints – signage, marketing materials, vehicles, to name just a few. How do we avoid leaving our old brand on something in the marketplace?
  • Accountability: How will we track our progress and that of our vendors during the project?
  • Reporting: What type of data will be collected about each branded asset during the project, in case we have a future brand implementation project? What types of reports can be generated?

Outsourcing the branding or rebranding business process management (BPM) to experienced professionals can speed up your rollout, improve efficiency and reduce costs. We’ve handled complex branding and rebranding projects for clients on a statewide, regional and national level.

We’d love to become your strategic brand implementation project manager. Contact us at 1.888.831.2536 for a free consultation.