About Brand Implementation

Brand Implementation is the process of rolling out your new brand identity (name and logo) to every company touchpoint. Whether your company is a start-up launching its brand identity into the marketplace for the first time, or a Fortune 500 company that needs to rebrand a smaller company it just acquired, efficient brand implementation is essential to your success.

Brand implementation is often the largest expense in a branding or rebranding budget, because companies have so many touchpoints that consumers, investors, employees and other stakeholders see every day. Touchpoints can be digital branded assets, like your company’s website, or physical branded assets, like your company’s signage.

Regardless of whether your brand implementation needs are regional, national or international in scope, there are certain stages to every branding project. Implementix excels at streamlining complex brand implementation projects of physical branded assets, offering a suite of customized services executed by experienced professionals and powered by cutting-edge technologies. From analyzing your current situation by locating and digitally cataloguing all of your vehicles to making sure the right type of sign is installed so your name and logo are easily visible, even when the sign is bathed in bright sunlight all day long, we manage the project for you.

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