July 11, 2014

Brand management software can help marketing departments send targeted messages to customers

Most brand management software focuses on design elements and being an online reference library containing logos, templates and brand standards guidelines. Because we deal with physical branded assets every day, we developed brand management software that goes beyond digital asset management. We do the dirty work of changing out brand identities and marketing messages on vehicles, signs, uniforms, apparels, etc., and know the importance of cataloging brand touchpoints for immediate and future use. We catalogue and analyze information to standardize procedures, schedule installations, reduce costs, and keep track of touchpoints moving forward. The brand management software can even be used to allow marketing departments to analyze and geo-target current and potential customers.


Imagine being in charge of a nationwide product launch for a corporation in the hospitality industry. You want to make a big splash and know current and potential customers see your shuttle buses, passenger vans, buildings and employees all the time. In addition to other communications channels, have you thought about launching the new product on the sides of vehicles, employee uniforms and building signs?

If you had the right brand management software in place, it would be a no brainer. You would already know what brand messaging currently appeared on your physical assets around the nation by running a report using your brand management software. A test launch of messaging for the new product could be geo-targeted based on demographic data, or a nationwide rollout where new product messaging was added to physical assets could be scheduled to coincide with other launch activities.

This is where brand implementation specialists shine. While the marketing department may have extensive knowledge of online and print materials through brand management software for digital asset management, other departments may be in charge of physical assets, like fleet vehicles and uniforms. Brand implementation specialists typically interact with all departments responsible for branded assets, and can catalog the assets, from location information down to photos of signs or vehicles, so brand managers can easily access the data and run relevant reports. The two types of brand management software can work together to provide a comprehensive branding and marketing solution for your corporation.

Which would be more beneficial to your hospitality corporation – brand management software that allows for a comprehensive product launch using all of your branded assets to reach current and potential customers where they interact with you, or a more limited approach where you inadvertently miss thousands of customers every day? If you chose the comprehensive option and want to learn more about our brand management software, give us a call at 1.888.831.2536.