September 4, 2013

Building a Brand Implementation Partnership for your Rebranding Process

Behind every rebranding process is a solid brand strategy and creative brand development.  These are the crucial elements to your brand planning.  While your company is devising its brand strategy, your agency is creating your brand and helping position it to achieve your strategic goals.

However, another essential element to the planning process is your brand implementation.  Brand implementation is not about the development and strategy associated with your rebranding process – brand implementation is the process that supports these elements.  A clean and simple rebranding involves 3 key players:

  • companies
  • agencies
  • and brand implementation partners

The first two players streamline the rebranding process while your brand implementation partner fits the development and strategy puzzle pieces together to seamlessly execute your conversion.

IMP-hardhat-01A great way to think of brand implementation as part of the rebranding process is home construction.  A potential homeowner (your company) is seeking contractors to create the ideal living space.  An architect (your agency) is commissioned to create the vision and plans behind a homeowner’s ideal living environment.  And an interior designer (your agency’s creative team) is hired to create the look and feel of this environment.  But to complete the home of your dreams, you need construction and building resources to execute these plans and bring your vision to life.  A brand implementation partner is the “builder” who provides this execution.  And you certainly wouldn’t hire a builder who hasn’t built homes before.  You need someone who has the experience and knowledge to “build,” having executed brand conversion plans before, and someone who has the necessary “tools” for the project.

The rebranding process is an expensive and long-term investment.  Creating a brand implementation partnership protects this investment.  Many companies trust their internal resources to build out a brand conversion, but this often leads to disparate projects and plans.  Holding a third-party brand implementation partner accountable for your conversion helps solve the puzzle behind your brand execution.