April 7, 2015

Cable TV rebranding isn’t as easy as pressing a button on the remote

Imagine being an employee tasked with one large-scale cable TV rebranding project while the company promotes hundreds of programming options to customers. Instead of looking at nationwide cable TV rebranding like a miniseries marathon, it’s best to break down the rebranding into manageable episodes.


Because cable TV rebranding happens infrequently, corporate employees often don’t understand the full scope of the project. As the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Let’s look at what happens after the new brand identity is approved and the design system is completed. Typically, the branding agency that created the new brand hands off the remaining steps of the cable TV rebranding project to corporate employees, assuming the execution will be handled internally. Bad assumption.

Unless branding agencies and corporate marketing/branding teams discuss execution at the start of the project, the lack of big picture thinking leads to delays and excessive costs. It isn’t as simple as changing out brand identities on service vehicles with the touch of a remote. As a result, internal teams working on cable TV rebranding are forced to create new processes unless they outsource execution to experts.

We see the following tendencies when it comes to corporate teams developing new processes for cable TV rebranding:

  • The implementation phase is broken up into numerous projects and deadlines, much like having hundreds of channels with thousands of programs starting and ending all the time.
  • Execution focuses on swapping out the old brand with the new, without identifying opportunities to increase brand exposure and support brand management goals.
  • Current supply chain vendors are the default choice for the swap out.
  • The budget is more guestimate than factual number crunching.

In order to keep cable TV rebranding on schedule and on budget, I recommend combining big picture thinking with a well-planned implementation methodology.

  • Define objectives and be clear about deadlines and what need to be completed.
  • Conduct an assessment and catalog all branded touchpoints. Don’t forget to include branded equipment provided to customers in your assessment.
  • Instead of focusing solely on the new brand identity during the cable TV rebranding, consider using some fleet vehicles for targeted marketing campaigns. This holistic marketing approach is a great way to leverage your fleet vehicles as moving billboards.

Cable TV rebranding requires speed to attract and retain customers in today’s competitive marketplace. Keeping employees focused on day-to-day customer relations while outsourcing complex rebranding to experts can be as simple as pressing a button or making a call to 1.888.831.2536.