April 17, 2015

Fleet vehicle rebranding tips

In the early days of our company, we focused on fleet vehicle rebranding. We quickly learned that we’d have to modify the brand treatments provided to us by our corporate clients and their branding agencies because the actual fleet vehicles didn’t match the creative mockups in the brand standards guidelines. While the impressive brand books mocked-up brand treatments for fleet vehicle rebranding, the drawings for different classes of vehicles were often inaccurate, showing doors, handles, windows and bumpers in the wrong places. Had we used the brand treatments provided, our clients would have ended up wasting thousands of dollars purchasing vehicle graphics kits that didn’t fit their actual fleet vehicles.

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We recently received brand guidelines for a fleet vehicle rebranding that made a complex project even more complicated. There were 16 different classes of vehicles requiring logos for the doors, and the guidelines called for 27 different graphics with minimal size differences (less than 5%). Imagine being the fleet vehicle manager responsible for 5,000 vehicles having to place logo orders: “Do I use the 25 3/36” wide logo or the 26 15/16” logo for the 2016 Ford Transit Connects or the 2016 Dodge ProMasters?” Making fleet vehicle rebranding guidelines overly complicated leads to waste, process problems, and higher costs.

To avoid making brand treatments too simplistic or too complex, I recommend using actual fleet vehicle details instead of generalized mockups. This is often outside the scope of what a branding agency provides in brand guidelines, so it makes sense for companies to hire a brand implementation firm to translate the creative look and feel into a realistic fleet vehicle rebranding plan it can execute.

At Implementix, we use details from actual vehicles (including photos) when we interpret the brand guidelines, engineering standardized brand treatments to properly fit different classes of vehicles. In addition to saving our clients time and money during a fleet vehicle rebranding project, we automate the ordering process so fleet managers can order brand compliant logos for new fleet vehicles.

When planning a fleet vehicle rebranding, understand the role of different branding specialists. Branding agencies create brand identities, while brand implementation firms ensure the new brand identity looks great on fleet vehicles. To avoid unnecessary detours and speed bumps, let Implementix help you plan and implement your fleet vehicle rebranding.