ix Technology Solutions – Brand Management Software

Technology has enhanced the way we manage brand implementation projects.  We developed our own proprietary brand management software to streamline pre-planning, progress management and review, instant updates and real-time information regarding branded assets.

Our ix Technology Solutions power each stage of the ix Brand Implementation Management process. During the Assessment stage, we use our ix Assessment mobile app to collect data and photos of your signage, vehicles and other branded assets as we walk around your parking lots and through your buildings. The detailed data collected about each touchpoint during the Assessment automatically updates throughout the system, which accelerates the next steps in the process.

The ix Engineering app allows us to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for the brand rollout, while we use our cloud-based ix Conversion technology to manage the conversion of each individual touchpoint and to ensure the rollout stays on track.

The comprehensive ix Automation portal is perfect for ordering brand-compliant signs, vehicle graphics and uniforms as needed for new buildings, vehicle repairs, or employee growth after the brand implementation project is completed.

ix Touchpoint technology helps top brands manage brand compliance and plan future brand initiatives on their touchpoints.

Interested in learning how our ix Technology solutions can help you, contact us to learn more.