ix Assessment App

Implementix’s Assessment process is the first phase of a rebranding project, which catalogues the details about branded assets to develop planning, cost estimation, engineering and conversion strategies. The ix Assessment App builds a database of branded assets and has modules specifically designed to handle different asset categories. Beyond the rebranding, this database provides corporate marketing, finance, fleet, operations and real estate departments with valuable data moving forward.

Vehicles: Large fleets are typically made up of a wide variety of vehicle types spread across regions or the entire country. In addition to the Vehicle module detailing each vehicle’s age, make, model, measurements, usage, and community visibility, photos are stored to help decide whether vehicles need to be replaced or retired. Photos also allow corporations to see how well their new brand graphics work in the real world. For example, how will the new logo look on different color vehicle bodies and vehicle shapes (e.g., car, truck or bus). Our Vehicle module is tailored for each engagement to capture details that we know are necessary based upon characteristics of the specific industry.

Signage – Interior and Exterior: The Signage module captures detailed and precise measurements of existing signage, its fabrication, the surrounding surface, how the signage is mounted, and all other elements required to ensure signs with the new brand graphics conform to local signage codes. Detailed photos of existing signage are taken from various angles to understand visibility issues and determine whether the current sign should be replaced, removed, or enhanced. In many cases, brand visibility can be enhanced while maximizing use of the signage budget. Details from this step not only feed the Value Engineering phase, but form the basis for obtaining sign permits during the Conversion phase.

Other Branded Assets: This module identifies and catalogues 14 broad brand asset categories and over 150 specific items used in many industries, ranging from employee items (shirts, uniforms, badges and business cards) to different types of advertising and social media essentials. The App also includes specialized lists for banking, healthcare and retail industries.

Because branded assets are often spread across multiple departments and locations, this easy-to-use module was designed with corporate employees in mind. An employee in the marketing department can input data about advertising and social media touchpoints, while someone in the accounting department can identify and catalogue customer invoice and statement templates that display the company’s brand.

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