ix Automation Portal

Implementix’s brand management software stores all of the information gathered during the Assessment, Value Engineering and Conversion phases. The ix Automation portal is a comprehensive database and order management system that helps clients order brand compliant items for future needs, such as signs for the opening of new locations or graphics for the purchase of new vehicles.

The ix Automation portal contains a comprehensive database of all branded assets identified during the branding or rebranding project. It can be used to run reports, such as the cost to rebrand individual branded assets, or plan for future rebranding initiatives. Reports can also be run to identify marketing campaign opportunities by location or product.

The ix Automation portal also streamlines ordering and tracking for all types of branded assets moving forward, including vehicle graphics, signage and uniforms, making branding and rebranding projects easier to plan, implement and maintain. The Automation portal was recently enhanced to support hospitality corporations with multiple brands and a combination of franchise-owned and corporate locations. Short instructional videos are available to walk you through registration, estimating and purchasing steps.

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