ix Touchpoint

ix Touchpoint technology helps top brands manage brand compliance and plan future brand initiatives on their touchpoints. After you combine promotional items, signs, vehicles, business forms, corporate apparel, and so on, there could be hundreds of thousands of brand touchpoints that brand marketers can use for future marketing purposes. This type of big data requires the proper technology to keep the brand identity on each touchpoint in compliance and rebranding costs low.

Implementix has the knowledge and a complete suite of ix Technology Solutions to keep the data stored in ix Touchpoint updated as events happen – whether it be the rebranding of a newly acquired company, the opening of new stores in a region, or the branding of new vehicle acquisitions. Implementix will also update the data in ix Touchpoint as stores are closed and vehicles are retired, so brand managers always work with current information.

ix Touchpoint uses heat maps to shows brand marketers where branded assets are located around the country. The system can drill down to the individual touchpoint level, displaying photos of actual signage at each retail location or service vehicles in the field.

The benefits of ix Touchpoint include:

  1. Information is Power: This comprehensive brand management system allows brand marketers to track branded assets, develop budgets and rollout changes quickly.
  2. Consistency: Ensure brand messages are integrated across the organization.
  3. Brand Equity: “Score” brand touchpoints for exposure and proximity to target demographics.
  4. Target Marketing: Quickly seize marketing opportunities in key demographics.
  5. Competitive Tactics: Increase brand awareness in lagging markets.
  6. Avoid Brand Confusion: Identify obsolete or expiring brands, then remove or replace them to avoid confusion in the marketplace.

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ix Touchpoint