ix Value Engineering App

During the Value Engineering phase, we focus on ensuring that your brand looks professional and uniform in the marketplace, in accordance with your brand standards guidelines. The ix Engineering app develops the most efficient, impactful and cost-effective solutions for the brand rollout by running different scenarios to create rebranding budgets for branded physical assets. In addition to determining the costs for new brand graphics installations, the App factors in logistics and the costs for removing existing graphics, providing clients with budget forecasts for multiple scenarios.

Let’s say a company has 1,000 pickup trucks and 1,000 vans, with 50 percent of each type of vehicle used by the service division for customer appointments, while the other 50 percent is used behind-the-scenes by the construction division. Using the ix Engineering App, models of five different brand graphics coverage levels on various types of vehicles are available. The App can also show a portfolio of actual vehicles from prior rebranding projects completed by Implementix. In this example, the company might choose a more substantial brand graphics treatment for highly visible vehicles in its service division and a less costly treatment for vehicles in the construction division.

After decisions are made about brand graphics treatment options, the App creates standardized procedures for each treatment, streamlining the conversion process and allowing Implementix to negotiate volume discounts with high quality suppliers.

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ix Value Engineering