January 14, 2015

Incomplete data drives up the costs of fleet rebranding

Let’s continue our discussion on fleet rebranding fundamentals. If fleet rebranding is viewed solely as the purchasing of fleet graphics, the correlation between vehicle data accuracy and fleet rebranding costs will be ignored. This is especially true if purchasing departments don’t have access to vehicle data when putting together RFPs. By details, I mean: vehicle location, person responsible for vehicle, VIN number, year, make, model, vehicle color, current vehicle graphics/branding, condition of vehicle, etc.

Vehicle data feeds key fleet rebranding processes, like engineering and producing standardized graphics kits for types/sizes of vehicle to leverage economies of scale, removing old graphics, and installing new graphics. Using bad vehicle data would be like buying uniforms for company-sponsored sports teams around the country without bothering to find out first if players were male or female, short or tall, thin or heavy. “One size fits all” doesn’t work for fleet vehicle graphics or corporate teams.

We once worked on a nationwide fleet rebranding project for a large hospitality company. The company wanted to put its new brand on all of its hotel vehicles, which it believed were shuttle buses and vans. We discovered the data was completely inaccurate when we did an Assessment. The company owned a wide variety of vehicles – minivans, passenger vans, raised roof conversion vans, small shuttle buses, and large shuttle buses. In fact, most vehicles (other than minivans and passenger vans) were custom-made vehicles of different sizes, and window and door configurations.

Luckily, this company understood fleet rebranding fundamentals and had us do an Assessment rather than simply ordering a large supply of fleet vehicle graphics for shuttle buses and vans, much of which would have gone to waste. By having accurate data, we were able to engineer and produce vehicle graphics kits that worked with all of the vehicle types. This nationwide hospitality company saved time, money and frustration on its fleet rebranding project.

If your fleet rebranding project overlooks the fundamentals of logistics and data accuracy, you are opening yourself up to blown budgets and missed deadlines. Don’t let unnecessary costs on your fleet rebranding projects drive you crazy!

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