Market Branding Implementation

Market Brand Implementation

Implementix has brand implementation expertise in a variety of industries, including banking, food and beverage, energy (oil and gas, utilities), healthcare, hospitality, and telecommunications. Because we have completed regional and nationwide branding and rebranding projects in these markets, we understand the specific challenges that companies in these industries face.

Implementix has experience in changing out (that is, physically removing the old and installing the new) brands on physical touchpoints like:

  • Exterior Signage (e.g., Channel Letters, Monument Signs)
  • Interior Signage (e.g., Lobby Signs)
  • Fleet and Vehicle Graphics
  • Interior Environmental Graphics (e.g., Wall Murals, Banners)
  • Window Graphics
  • Kiosk Graphics (e.g., ATMs)

Our proven four-step process, ix Brand Implementation Management, is our differentiator. We focus on results tied to your objectives:

  • Appropriate level of quality for branded touchpoints (high visibility touchpoints need more impactful brand treatments than low visibility touchpoints)
  • Budget-friendly costs
  • Completed quickly to meet your deadlines
  • Employees stay focused on their primary duties

Rebranding events are not everyday occurrences to you, like they are to us., so outsource your projects to the experts. For more information, visit our market-specific webpages or give us a call.

Check out these market pages for case studies:

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