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bank rebranding

The banking industry is a hotbed of merger and acquisition activity. Since regulators require the new bank’s brand to immediately appear on signs after the merger or acquisition is complete, we’ve developed a process to ensure bank rebranding is done quickly and seamlessly. Rapid brand implementation also allows the bank to communicate its brand, value and stability to customers so they don’t move their accounts to a competitor.

Our customized bank brand implementation services are perfect for banks before or during mergers or acquisitions:

  • During the due diligence phase to evaluate a bank’s readiness for M&A activity from a branding and reputation management perspective
  • On merger integration teams to ensure brand equity and ROI are enhanced during the rebranding process
  • Since bank rebranding must be completed quickly to meet regulatory requirements and retain high-value customers
  • With regional or national branch locations that lack a centralized brand management team to rollout the new brand efficiently
  • To ensure the new bank brand appears on all physical branded assets (signs, ATMs, transactional materials, etc.) and digital branded assets (websites, online statements, etc.)

Like other outside resources banks use during merger integration, the experts at Implementix handle large-scale integrations so bank employees can focus on keeping customers satisfied.

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  • Highly regulated
  • Very competitive
  • Extensive M&A activity
  • Merger integration
  • High-value customer loyalty
  • Lack of central responsibility for branded assets

Case Studies

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Bank Rebranding Centennial Bank


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