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Petroleum. Natural Gas. Propane Gas. Wind. Solar. The energy and utilities industry covers a wide array of products and services, ranging from exploration and drilling, to wholesale, midstream, distribution, retail and energy related services.

We have worked with companies in many different facets of this industry. Most of our clients have been through M&A transactions and operate several regulated subsidiaries. Some corporations require B2B branding, while others have retail competition.

Since the focus of the energy and utilities industry has been on reducing costs while improving operational efficiencies, outsourcing rebranding to Implementix is a perfect solution for:

Fleet vehicles

  • Large fleets spread across multiple states – from major cities to rural communities
  • Assorted vehicle types – from cars and trucks to helicopters and digger/derricks
  • Numerous vehicle functions – from engineering to customer support
  • Customer visibility – vehicles in densely populated areas need high impact graphics, while less visible vehicles use lower-cost graphics
  • Flexible scheduling – daytime, evening and weekend graphic installations to keep vehicles in service during peak hours

Whether your energy and utilities corporation is going through a merger or acquisition, or launching new products and services, Implementix has the expertise to deliver on time and on budget brand implementation services.  Contact Us for More Information.


  • Regulatory Uncertainty
  • Highly Competitive
  • M&A Increasing
  • Alternative Energy Increasing

Case Studies

Kinder Morgan Rebranding