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Healthcare rebranding has been on the upswing, since healthcare reform gives hospitals and health systems greater incentive to grow and diversify. Branding is one way to educate the general public and differentiate your healthcare organization from the competition. It also helps attract prospective patients who are increasingly taking a more informed and proactive approach to decision making about their healthcare options. As we’ve seen working on mergers and acquisitions, one or both organizations may go through a massive healthcare rebranding effort to ensure the new brand identity appears on every sign, vehicle, uniform, name badge, brochure, and so on.

Our customized healthcare brand implementation services are perfect for organizations with:

  • Complex brand architecture, like those bringing together multiple hospitals and pairing each hospital’s name with the name of the healthcare organization
  • Numerous departments responsible for different types of branded assets, such as signs, uniforms, and vehicles
  • The need to customize branded assets based on hospital name, location or medical practice

For healthcare organizations going through a complex merger or acquisition, Implementix has the experience to deliver brand implementation services on time and on budget.

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  • Increasing Competition
  • Organizational structure
  • Brand architecture
  • Diversity of branded assets
  • Lack of central responsibility for branded assets

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