Hospitality Branding / Rebranding

Hospitality Imagery Rev2During a hospitality rebranding, we start early in the process to make sure the graphic design system is real-world friendly. With so many shuttle van sizes and configurations, and hotels located in cities and towns across the United States, it’s imperative the design looks as good in the field as it does on paper. We also provide feedback from an engineering standpoint, since brand treatments affect cost, speed, and brand exposure during a hospitality rebranding.
Our specialized hospitality brand implementation services are perfect for:

  • Corporations with multiple brands serving different market segments
  • Maintaining brand compliance at corporate and franchisee-owned properties
  • Hotel shuttle services remaining operational during the rebranding
  • Franchise owner-operators needing to order brand compliant materials with their hotel’s location and contact details on an ongoing basis
  • Brands differentiating themselves from competitors at airports and in the local marketplace
  • Cost-conscious brands going big on color for highly visible touchpoints, and using less expensive brand treatments for other touchpoints

Regardless of whether you’re rebranding overnight stay properties or destination resorts, Implementix allows hospitality brand employees to focus on customers while we focus on the brand implementation.

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  • Corporate and/or franchisee ownership
  • Brands targeting different market segments
  • Shuttle vehicle service schedules
  • Location-based customization
  • Ongoing brand compliance needs

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