October 24, 2013

Navigating the Project Management Triangle in a Brand Implementation

It’s not news that any type of brand implementation project involves balancing time, cost and quality. However, you may not have realized how critical it is to examine the relationship among these parameters to discover how they affect the scope of a brand implementation.

TIME: In a previous blog, we emphasized starting with the end in mind. You have a narrow window of opportunity to collect details regarding your materials and assets ahead of time. From this crucial, initial point in the brand implementation process, you need to determine a carefully-timed and well-planned brand conversion that will lead to a quality execution according to your brand guidelines. You may recall we discussed how timelines might differ for a M&A versus a brand change. It’s essential to use this time to talk to different suppliers in addition to your current ones to determine if they can deliver these time-sensitive brand implementation demands.

COST and QUALITY: You need to assess your current supply chain and vendors since they heavily affect both your budget and ability to meet deadlines. Not planning your brand implementation timeline carefully could result in having to make rush orders, tacking on extra fees here and there. If you are strained on both time and budget, that can affect the quality output. Ask yourself: can you internally deliver expectations of quality and consistency that your new brand guidelines require? Can your supply chain and vendors deliver on time and on budget to meet your overall project demands? What about process quality – meeting brand implementation deadlines and reporting progress on the implementation, as well as finished product quality? Effective planning will help you answer all of these questions.

Assess your supply chain to see if it has the capabilities and bandwidth to strategically maneuver cost, time and quality for your brand implementation. Take signage for example – if your assessment identifies that you have 25 different types of signage for your company, the new designs for these signs should be created with purpose. Does the sign at location X match the other 5 locations? Do the uniforms for men match the same quality standards as those for women? Always question whether you can consolidate design kits to better use raw materials across a wider spread.

Our Value Engineering process helps companies address the plan for brand implementation for each asset through the dimensions of cost, time and quality. It’s the planning step we take to make sure we’ve identified all of the issues so we can optimize each parameter. A complete Value Engineering process takes into account brand aesthetics, material performance and installation for each individual asset while following your new brand guidelines. By using a third-party brand implementation expert, you receive a quality audit built into the system. Managing the whole has significant benefits over managing individual pieces – our job is to ensure they are cohesive from start to finish.