Implementix is a nationwide rebranding company, specializing in complex brand rollouts and rebranding implementations. We’ve spent years in the industry growing and perfecting our capabilities and building the tools to leverage it.

Converting the corporate identity on thousands of vehicles, signs, uniforms, and other branded assets from one brand identity to another is challenging. Through our ix Brand Management Implementation process, which is supported by ix Technology Solutions, your organization can outsource all or part of your brand implementation to us. Or, we can act as your consultative partner to help you budget, plan or project manage your vendors.

Our ix Technology Solutions were developed over the years to assist clients with their complicated rebranding projects. In fact, in 2006, we developed our ix Conversion cloud-based Technology Solution specifically to manage one of the most complex rebranding projects ever undertaken in the United States – 75,000 brand touchpoints in 20,000 locations involving over 40,000 different contacts. This brand conversion was delivered on time and 10 percent under budget in 18 months.

With that type of experience, you can count on us to manage your national, regional or local branding and rebranding projects. Our goal is to make your company’s branded assets look good – on time and on budget.

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