August 22, 2013

Protect Your Brand by Keeping Brand Implementation Front of Mind

When most professionals think of brand implementation, they think about logos, graphics, packaging, etc.  But the concept of branding is much more than just physical elements.  It’s about how your company represents itself within the marketplace.  And it’s essential to protect the brand development you’ve created by investing the same time and effort in your brand implementation.

IMP-Web-icons-PlanningIt is important to visualize how your new brand will be distributed.  This is where brand implementation can make or break your rebranding process.  Taking on a brand implementation project internally can be stressful and chaotic.  Using brand conversion experts who can actualize brand implementation after your brand and strategy are created makes for a much smoother conversion process.  It helps companies question important rebranding facets: 

  • How do we craft a branding budget? 
  • What implications will affect our branding execution and time frame? 
  • How can we determine cost certainty and eliminate production and installation waste? 

IMP-Web-icons-AssesmentIn brand implementation, it’s crucial to start with an assessment of your company’s visuals and physical assets.  By understanding the details behind your assets, you can configure which ones require more or less cost.

You should also survey where your brand appears and to what degree the public is viewing it.  This ultimately drives your execution decisions, like how to create the appropriate treatment coverage for your brand.  For instance, you may have exterior building signage that faces a major highway where you are getting a high level of customer exposure.  But you also may have internal building signs that are designed only for employee viewing and have limited exposure to potential customers.  Creating a database of visual assets builds the platform for the rest of your branding execution by allowing for an accurate budget and driving cost certainty.  Without a detailed planning process, brand implementation can lead to extra waste and overproduction.

IMP-Web-icons-ConversionHaving experts whose core competency is conversion provides efficiency and speed to market while allowing your company to focus on its corporate brand identity and brand awareness.  Most organizations have disparate conversion plans broken up by each individual asset and by asset owner.  Having a third party brand implementation specialist bridges these gaps and integrates all of your rebranding projects into one.  The knowledge and experience to develop a smooth process and understand details are the key elements of brand implementation and help avoid planning, production and service pitfalls.  Most importantly, they measure the value of your brand and ultimately conserve your company’s time and effort.