January 10, 2014

Rebranding is tricky enough; don’t let the wrong supply chain vendor or partner make it tougher.

When a team is tasked with rebranding a company they spend a great deal of time on strategy, messaging and design. Being a difficult and technical task, they almost always use brand strategy/development firms that specialize in the rebranding process. The brand owner knows that by choosing the right partner to develop the new brand or refreshing the brand they improve their odds of a successful rebranding. The same is true for the partners they choose for the production and delivery of the branded assets or materials that feature the rebranding (uniforms, signage, collateral, etc).

In the rebranding production phase, brand owners typically rely on the departments within their organizations who have traditionally owned the function of purchasing these items such as building signs, interior signs, uniforms, fleet markings, business forms and more. In most cases, this creates a gap between the brand implementation team and the supply chain producing the finished products because the group in charge of ordering the items for their location, may not have been involved in the rebranding plan and strategy from the start. This gap can result in:

  • Incongruent delivery schedules
  • Overproduction
  • Violations of brand guidelines
  • Delays in the timeline
  • Compromises between quality/time/cost
  • A lack of integrated implementation reporting
  • Cost overruns

In addition to the above gaps, if the brand implementation team doesn’t give consideration to the supply chain they risk losing control of the rebranding project to the departments that own or manage the assets.

Typically the balance between self interest in the existing supply chains and the asset owners will compromise the objectives of the brand implementation. In this case, adding a third party implementation team who helps a brand owner and their agency when rebranding a company is extremely valuable. This type of resource can balance the needs of all stakeholders and has the processes in place to meet the brand implementation objectives.

Your rebranding project can and should be done on time, and on budget.

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Rebranding requires strict attention to brand standards for successful implementation.