September 23, 2014

Seasonal marketing standouts for food and beverage brands

Food and Beverage Brands

Food and beverage brands planning seasonal marketing promotions may be overlooking high impact messaging channels they already own. Ones that stand out from their competitors. I was reminded of the power of these channels on my way home from work other day. A large truck displaying the grocery chain’s name on the front and a variety of berries on the back was parked in the loading bay when I stopped to pick up a few things. Even though fruit wasn’t on my list, berries mysteriously ended up in my cart.

Most food and beverage brands use traditional channels for seasonal messaging, like TV, radio, print, online and POS. Who hasn’t seen POS displays of Halloween candy? Or the endless stream of seasonal TV commercials that include pies and stuffing for Thanksgiving and gift baskets and fruitcakes for Christmas? And we can’t forget the millions spent by food and beverage brands on clever Super Bowl commercials, which turned out to be the best part of Super Bowl XLVIII for Broncos fans like me.

For food and beverage brands, a complementary and cost-effective strategy involves putting seasonal messaging on trucks, vans, signs and other physical assets. Because food and beverage brands own the assets, competing for ad placements or having customers fast-forward through your commercials isn’t a problem. You cut through the clutter.

Typically, the hesitancy we see with food and beverage brands is due to a lack of experience using nontraditional channels for seasonal marketing. Having recently changed out a marketing campaign on 1,000 trucks in 60 days, I can assure you that some of your competitors leverage touchpoints like vehicles and signs on a regular basis.

Seasonal campaigns for food and beverage brands using vehicles and signage are also great for extending brand exposure or introducing products for a relatively low investment. And since food and beverage brands know which products sell best in different regions, campaigns can be customized based on regional taste buds.

It takes a detailed and proven approach like the one we use at Implementix for seasonal marketing to be effective, with comprehensive planning tools and cutting-edge technology. Even if the seasonal campaigns for your food and beverage brands don’t feature iconic polar bears, like Coca Cola, putting your brand messaging on vehicles, signs and other physical assets sets you apart from the crowd.

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