September 11, 2014

Top 4 telecom rebranding mistakes to avoid for service vehicles

During a telecom rebranding, service vehicles need to be at the top of the company’s brand touchpoints’ list. Customers see branded vehicles driving down the road and parked on their streets all the time, which can easily be leveraged by the marketing department.

Mergers, acquisitions and brand changes typically trigger the telecom rebranding projects we handle. Because we start the conversation about brand implementation with a holistic look at brand management, the majority of our telecom rebranding projects go beyond simply replacing the old brand with the new brand.


As I mentioned in my last blog, brand treatments play a major role in visibility and cost control. Here are 4 vehicle brand treatment mistakes to avoid during a telecom rebranding:

  1. Not Analyzing Vehicle Usage: While some service vehicles are seen by hundreds of people everyday, others are not. Analyzing vehicle usage data prior to a telecom rebranding will allow brand managers to put vehicles into high visibility, medium visibility and low visibility categories. Selecting the corresponding brand treatment for each visibility option keeps costs under control.
  2. Making Poor Color Choices: During a telecom rebranding, brand treatments for highly visible vehicles should use vibrant colors. As I mentioned before, neutral colors, especially white, minimize impact and cause your brand to fade into the background. Cost-conscious brands can go big on color for service vehicles in high traffic and densely populated areas, and use less expensive brand treatments for other vehicles. You’ll be surprised how as few as 20 vehicles with a heavy brand treatment can seem like hundreds of vehicles when used strategically.
  3. Not Understanding How Distance Impact Visibility: In addition to color, the sizes of brand graphics and letters impacts brand messaging. Letters with a height of 9 inches can be viewed from 300 feet away (football field length), according to most distance legibility charts. A heavy brand treatment totaling 64 square feet or more can be viewed up to 3,000 feet away (3/5 of a mile), a good telecom rebranding choice for vehicles in densely populated areas.
  4. Not Leveraging Marketing Campaign Opportunities: Using service vehicles to deliver marketing messages cuts through the clutter of traditional and online advertising. When you’re stuck in traffic, like I was earlier today, you can’t avoid reading and rereading the messaging on the back and sides of nearby service vans and trucks. Strategic brand managers understand that service vehicles are moving billboards and view telecom rebranding projects as exceptional marketing opportunities.

Don’t forget the marketing value of service vehicles during a telecom rebranding. Unlike other forms of advertising, service vehicles are able to reach customers where they live, work and play…or get stuck in traffic.