What We Do

After your company creates a new brand identity or acquires a company and changes its name, someone has to go out and physically change the name, logo and tagline on all of your touchpoints, like signs and vehicles. Given the complexity of a brand implementation project, it is best to outsource the process to experts in the field, like Implementix.


We understand the concerns of your company’s various stakeholders, such as:

Upper Management: How fast can we change out the brand so our stakeholders know we are one company? How will we meet our regulatory deadlines?

Financial Management: How do we establish a budget for this one-time event? How do we estimate the logistics costs involved with physically removing the old brand and installing the new brand on hundreds or thousands of assets? Can we obtain any purchasing synergies from leveraging this event?

Brand/Marketing Managers: What if my small staff doesn’t have the bandwidth or brand implementation experience? Who will ensure that graphics standards are upheld across all vehicles, signage, uniforms and other branded assets? What if we don’t have a current database of all of our branded physical assets? Who will negotiate with vendors and coordinate the project logistics with our internal operating departments?

Operations Managers: How can this rebranding effort be managed so as not to interfere with day-to-day operations or inconvenience our customers?

Fleet Managers: What happens when I have a service emergency or my vehicles aren’t available for the installation of the new brand graphics?

Facility Managers: How am I going to obtain all the approvals I need from local governments and property managers?

Human Resource Managers: How do we get the employees excited about the new brand? How do we inform the employees about the status, timelines, etc. of the project?

As experienced project managers, we know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly during a brand rollout. Having completed more than 50 complex rebranding projects for companies in the Fortune 500 list to regional companies growing by merger and acquisition activities, we have the unique technical, creative and logistical knowledge to manage your project.

Implementix’s proven four-step process, ix Brand Implementation Management, has been honed after years of managing complex branding projects. So let us walk through your parking lots to locate and describe every vehicle in your fleet to ensure the correct vehicle graphics are ordered. Let us walk around your buildings, locating and measuring every sign that needs to be converted to your new identity. Let us select and manage appropriate sub-contractors whom we have qualified to do rebrand projects. We even developed ix Technology Solutions, software products and mobile apps, to power and streamline our ix Brand Implementation Management process.

Sit back, relax…we’ll handle the dirty work.