Cost Certainty

Does your organization have a comprehensive, up-to-date database of all of your branded assets? Most companies have some type of database, containing general inventory information of multiple types of touchpoints or itemized inventories of specific branded assets, like vehicles. Few companies have detailed, all-inclusive databases that contain descriptions, locations, specifications, and person responsible for each item.

During a complex branding or rebranding, companies that lack detailed, searchable information about every sign, vehicle, and other branded asset are at a severe disadvantage, which slow downs the brand implementation process and significantly increases costs.

During the Assessment stage, Implementix identifies every physical asset that currently displays your name or logo, using your current database as the foundation or starting from scratch if you don’t have a database. New data is entered into our specialized ix Assessment app, allowing us to provide your company with a detailed report of each asset down to the individual level including:

  • The status and readiness for brand conversion
  • The owner of the assets
  • A list that quantifies and qualifies type, condition and function
  • The hours the asset is most often seen or available
  • An understanding of how all assets work together and what brand message is being displayed in the marketplace

There may be thousands of detailed inventory records in your database at this point. But it isn’t enough to just have the data. It takes years of experience to know how to use the data to create an efficient and cost-effective project plan.

This is where our brand implementation expertise solves your data overload problem. Because of the detailed nature of the information, we can develop a preliminary budget, timeline, and the foundation necessary to engineer your specific signage, vehicle graphics, uniforms, and other physical touchpoints to achieve your project goals and objectives. Click on the video below to learn more.

MedStar Health Vehicle Rebranding Program by Implementix