We're just getting started

An extensive knowledge database was created for your company during the Assessment, Value Engineering and Conversion stages, which automated much of the brand implementation process. But your branding project really doesn’t end there. Over time, vehicles need to be replaced, new branch offices open, repairs need to be made, and so on.

Lapses in ongoing brand implementation often take place after the initial hype wears off, which is why our Automation process and tools make your life easier:

  • Details about your specific signs, vehicle graphics, uniforms, and other branded assets are available through our online ix Automation portals. Access to this tool can be distributed across your organization to ensure that consistent and brand-approved graphics can be purchased for new facilities or vehicles, or that the appropriate parts can be ordered for repair and maintenance of existing branded assets.
  • Our ix Automation portals contain appropriate instructional guides and videos that detail how the sign or vehicle graphic should be installed to maintain brand compliance. We can also train key supply chain vendors (traveling to their location) on the proper installation of graphics or monitor brand compliance as new branded assets are added.
  • We engineer brand extensions for new business units to maintain consistency with overall brand guidelines.
  • We engineer your vehicle graphics to fit changes to the vehicles in your fleet and the ongoing make/model changes made by vehicle manufacturers.
  • We provide reporting about ongoing brand purchases.

The knowledge gained during the brand implementation process becomes a strategic asset, allowing you to evaluate costs down to the individual asset level and make branding changes down the road more quickly and effectively. And, should you need to rebrand at some point in the future, much of the groundwork has been completed.

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