Manage down to the asset

During the Conversion stage, Implementix manages the brand rollout across the organization to meet your specific goal, whether it’s a regulatory deadline or a major sponsorship event. As project point person, we free up the hours your employees (branding teams, fleet managers, operations personnel, etc.) would have spent dealing with outside vendors (sign companies, vehicle wrap installers, etc.). By outsourcing project management to a firm experienced in the details of these projects, even if there is employee turnover due to a merger or acquisition, the project stays on track.



The Conversion stage includes:

  • Project Plan: Finalizing the detailed Project Plan that details the scope, objectives and timeline requirements.
  • Supply Chain: Evaluating vendor qualifications to ensure timely delivery and installation of quality products.
  • Contracting: Executing agreements for different segments of the conversion that meet the Project Plan and budget
  • Scheduling: Managing the supply chain vendors and communicating with your employees to meet the timeline.
  • Execution: Being prepared for last minute scheduling changes, due to weather or other challenges, and ensuring the project is completed on time.
  • Reporting: Providing real-time reporting using our proprietary ix Conversion software, so we can tell you whether a specific sign has been converted, what percentage of vehicles in a specific city, state, or division has been converted, or any other conversion question you may have. By tracking the project down to the level of each individual asset that needs to be converted, there are no last-minute surprises.

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