Value Engineering

Less pain, more gain

The Assessment provides detailed foundational information about signage, vehicles, uniforms, and other touchpoints necessary to develop an efficient and cost-effective brand conversion and implementation plan. Now we uncover and integrate your objectives and priorities into the brand rollout using our proprietary ix Engineering app. Acting as your brand advocate, we focus on ensuring that your brand looks professional and uniform in the marketplace, in accordance with your brand standards guidelines, while considering your cost, timeline and quality objectives.

In the Value Engineering phase, Implementix examines factors such as:

  • Visibility: Understanding how, where and when a branded asset is used. Does a company vehicle drive through customer neighborhoods all day or stay on the company’s property? Does a sign face a busy street or a small parking lot?
  • Performance: The graphic should last as long as the branded asset. If fleet vehicles will be replaced in a year, installing a vehicle graphic with a similar lifespan saves money. If vehicles have areas of excessive wear and tear, vehicle graphic developers should avoid those areas in their designs. If facilities will be consolidated after a merger, temporary signage is a cost-effective choice for the transition period.
  • Installation Complexity and Speed: If the installation of even one graphic element is overly complicated, it can slow down the entire brand rollout. Finding solutions before brand conversion begins ensures the project will be on time and on budget.
  • Quality: There are many options available in the materials used to construct a sign, vehicle graphic, uniform, and the like. Do you need a “platinum” look for a particular property? Is there an alternative construction available that provides a similar look, but saves you money?
  • Budget and Timeline: A brand implementation is complex – many touchpoints, many questions and considerations. We help you develop the detailed requirements for your signs, vehicles and other touchpoints so your brand conversion project meets your objectives.

Let’s say the Assessment completed during a bank acquisition revealed that 500 signs in varying sizes exist at 100 branches in a three-state region. By executing our Value Engineering process, Implementix can organize and consolidate the signage needs into a few specific sizes and types, which allows us to leverage economies of scale to negotiate favorable contracts with one or two high-quality sign companies to handle the entire project. Without Value Engineering, local branch managers may end up ordering their own expensive, custom signs from local vendors and overseeing installation at their locations. Not only is this more expensive and time consuming, but it takes focus away from the branch managers’ primary duties.

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