May 16, 2015

What you need to know before hiring exterior sign vendors

I’ve seen all kinds of exterior signs when my company shows up do to a brand implementation assessment. Brand compliance goes out the window when local sign vendors develop exterior sign specs that fit their equipment, capabilities and capacity availability, rather than doing what is best for their clients. It’s like going to a car dealership to buy a specific car only to have the salesperson try to sell you the most expensive model on the lot or insist on add-ons you don’t need.

We routinely manage exterior sign projects for our clients, including nationwide vendor selection. If you are dealing with local sign vendors, here are some tips to help you make decisions about exterior signs:

  • Exterior Sign Permits: While the permitting process may vary by municipality, it is standard practice in the industry. Being told it “adds complexity” may be an attempt to upsell you unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • Manufacturing: Sign companies have different manufacturing capabilities, all with different price points. For example, some sign companies make channel letters by hand, some have specialized equipment, while others outsource manufacturing to wholesale manufacturers.
  • Inconsistency: When sign companies want to change your exterior sign specs (quality, materials, sizes, etc.), understand that exterior sign inconsistencies hurt your brand. If the look of your locations isn’t consistent, customers assume your products and services aren’t consistent either.
  • Overkill: Make sure the brand treatment matches the location. Using exterior sign specs for high traffic areas adds unnecessary costs when used for low traffic areas. For example, elevated backlit signs facing the highway increase brand awareness, but knee-high backlit signs facing a small parking lot do not.

If you’d prefer to outsource management of your next complex exterior sign project to Implementix, we’d be happy to help. Just give us a call at 1.888.831.2536.

Map of Alphatech exterior signs ver2