November 12, 2014

Who should be responsible for rebranding outdoor signs?

When it comes to rebranding outdoor signs, companies tend to use one of three approaches. For corporate identity projects in general, the choice is usually based on factors like complexity, timing, and budget. For something specific like outdoor signs, companies may designate an internal person to become a subject matter expert in order to make informed decisions, turn over decision-making to the sign company, or hire a subject matter expert to act as a corporate advocate while overseeing the process.

Which decision-making option is best?

Outdoor sign installer

• Employee:
– Pros: If the corporation’s growth strategy involves mergers and acquisitions, or frequent brand launches, designating an employee to become a subject matter expert could be a good option. Subject matter expert at what aspects of outdoor signs, you ask? How outdoor signs are made? How outdoor signs are installed? Municipal sign codes? Bottom line – the subject matter expert needs to understand the process of changing out outdoor signs and hiring the best vendors.
– Cons: Finding an employee with the time, patience and aptitude to become a subject matter expert in outdoor signs can be difficult. It takes a long time for an employee to learn everything there is to know about signage. If the employee has other job duties, finding a balance between rebranding and the other duties can be a problem.

• Sign vendor:
– Pros: If a staff member isn’t available to become subject matter, then entrusting a sign vendor to oversee all aspects of the project is an option. This allows staff members to focus on their primary roles and, if they pick the right sign company, take credit for beautiful new outdoor signs that improve the company’s visibility and reputation.
– Cons: Selecting the wrong sign vendor can damage the corporation’s reputation and cost staff members their jobs. That’s why it is so important to thoroughly interview sign vendors and check references from previously completed projects that involve production and/or installation of outdoor signs. I have seen many examples where the sign vendor that was hired “farmed out” the production of the outdoor signs since it didn’t have the capacity or expertise to handle the work. At that point, quality control became an issue because the corporation does not have direct contact with the vendor doing the actual work. And, the corporation ends up paying extra for markups for both sign vendors.

• Outside expert:
– Pros: Outsourcing decision-making to a subject matter expert like Implementix takes the pressure off of staff members to learn everything there is to know about outdoor signs. Acting as a corporate advocate, Implementix interviews, negotiates prices and oversees sign vendors to ensure outdoor signs enhance corporate visibility and projects are completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Choosing the right approach to outdoor signs depends on your circumstances. The key to getting the best results is selecting a decision-maker with the right combination of knowledge and experience to make the new signs look great – on time and on budget.